is the challenger of harness race betting, with new Sportsbook and Casino products to add to our winning portfolio of gaming entertainment. We are proud to be at the forefront of development in the trotting industry, continuously making an effort to give back to the sport and contribute to the legacy of trotting. Our goal is to provide the best solution in online betting; we achieve this through offering a comprehensive user experience and a helpful customer service team along with exciting games.We are a young company of 30 creative minds, with innovation at our core, always keeping an open mind and thinking outside of the box to adjust with the ever-changing climate of the betting industry.  Our designer offices are located in the heart of Sliema, Malta, offering a vibrant working hub spread over 3 floors featuring inviting open plan work spaces, lounge areas and terraces. Situated in one of the most popular spots in Malta, the offices are nestled within the lovely cafes, luxury outlets and high-end restaurants, surrounded by a splendid sea-side promenade. We offer employees a thriving career path, with fun social events, fresh fruit & Lavazza coffee, as well as inspiring colleagues to complement the exciting and ever-growing momentum.

At, we learn that succeeding in a start-up environment takes commitment, hard work and perseverance. That is why we are always looking for brilliant and purposeful people who will leave no stone unturned in helping us keep our world spinning with greatness. If you’re inspired to work in a cool, positive and strong-minded environment, apply for our open positions today.

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